Top 5 Network Collective Episodes

It most certainly doesn’t feel like it’s possible but Network Collective recently crossed the line of 200 unique episodes. In response to hitting a milestone that I didn’t even know was possible when we started this thing, we thought it might be fun to take a look back at the top 5 most popular episodes that we’ve released to date. For one reason or another these episodes have resonated with a large group of our listeners so if you haven’t listened to one ore more of the episodes on the list below, today might be a good day to take a step back and discover some good content that you may have missed along the way.

Let’s get this list started.

#5: The History Of Spanning Tree With Radia Perlman

This was a special episode for me. Radia is a legend in our industry and it was a privilege to get her perspective on the protocol we’ve all come to depend on for so many years. I found her perspective on the wisdom/necessity of bridged networks particularly enlightening. If only we had listened back then…



#4: Introduction To Segment Routing

From time to time we do a deep-dive on a technology that people either are using or are looking to use in the near future. Of all of our deep-dive episodes, this episode highlighting the fundamentals of segment routing is the one that rose to the top of the list for listener interest. It doest help having incredibly knowledgeable guests like Jeff Tantsura, Nick Russo, and Nick Buraglio on board. This is a must watch if you want to learn more about segment routing.

#3: The End Of The WAN As We Know It?

Honestly, this episode being on the list surprised me a bit. It was an informal conversation about how technologies like zero trust and software overlays are changing the way we think about remote connectivity. It must have hit a nerve though as it is the youngest episode on the list and has had far less time to be passed around on social media. Joining me for this episode are Kevin Myers and Darrel Clute.

#2: BGP Peering In The Real World

Contrary to the previous entry on our list, this one doesn’t surprise me at all. Peeking behind the curtain of the BGP peering world reveals a culture that is filled with politics and competing priorities. Economics play a big role in how organizations choose to pier and understanding how this world works helps you better understand how the Internet works at its core.

#1: History Of The Cisco CLI With Terry Slattery And Rob Widmer

Ahh, the good old Cisco CLI… or industry standard CLI for everyone else. There are a lot of things that are great about it. There are a lot of things that maybe aren’t so great. Regardless, most of us end up spending more than our fair share of time using it. This episode shares some great insights about how this common CLI came to be and some of the reasons why it is the way that it is. At the end of the day it’s probably one of the more effective tools that we use so it’s helpful to understand the origin stories and the lessons learned along the way.

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