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This post is a brief introduction to the Network Collective community blog. While our podcasts can be enjoyable and full of valuable tidbits, nothing compares with the written word for a comprehensive overview of a topic or idea. Not having a space for such content has been apparent from the early days of Network Collective but for some reason it’s taken me a while to finally act on that need. So, here we are. I figure the simplest way to break down the details is a return to my elementary school roots and the 5 W’s.

Who: You, Me, Everyone really. That goes for both reading and writing. The blog will be freely available for all to consume so I would suggest adding the RSS feed to whatever you use to keep up with your regular reading. But it’s not just consumption that is open to everyone, creation is as well. Have an idea or an experience that you want to share with the broader networking community. This is a place for you to do just that.

What: It’s a blog. If you’re unfamiliar with blogs I recommend coming out from whatever rock you’ve been living under.

When: Now. If you’re reading this it means we’re ready to go. Why don’t you join us and add some of your wisdom to the broader collection that will be contained here.

Where: Here. is the direct link and the rss feed is

Why: There’s a few reasons. The first is that I wanted a space for myself to write when it makes sense. I have my old personal blog address but I haven’t spent much time over there and it made little sense to write there when most of my time and effort was happening here. The second is a number of people have reached out to me, wanting some way to contribute content for Network Collective. A community blog is a great non-intimidating way to do just that. The third and final reason is that this is a great way to continue our effort to enable and amplify the networking community. Community is at the heart of why we do what we do and having another avenue for the many capable engineers out there to have a voice is a great thing.

So, will you join us? You don’t have to be a world class expert or study things at dissertation level to have something valuable to add to the conversation. If you would like to contribute you can self-register at We want to hear from you.

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